What our patients have to say..
  • Doc Bob as I call him is phenomenal he should be teaching chiropractic medicine in a university somewhere. He’s that smart and good if you want someone just to crack your back, don’t go see him if you want to see someone who will get to the root of the problem and figure it out then he’s your guy

    - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Brian
  • Dr. CORTESI has been my chiropractor and then my friend for many years. He is truly a qualified health professional with knowledge far beyond what you may expect and it is always used to help me make the best decision for my health. We make decisions together about the best course of action when my body is hurting. I appreciate him and his sincere care

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  • I have been seeing Dr. Cortesi since 2000, when you go to see him you won’t just see a Dr. that will crack your back, you will see a physician that is also a chriopractic wizard.
    You will receive an adjustment as well as physical therapy during your visit and many holistic medicines that can help you. Dr. Cortesi does not believe in pain killers , but instead will work with you to find the root cause of your pain and work with the patient to pinpoint the problem and help to alleviate your pain.
    Dr. Cortesi is someone you can trust with your physical and mental health.
    You will see after your first visit.

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  • I have struggled with back & stomach issues with chronic constipation, my entire life. I was forced to take an obscene amount of laxatives to get my body to work. I have been to 4 different gastro docs and none of them could figure out how to help me. Dr Bob is the ONLY doctor that listened and dissected the real root of my problem!

    He sent me for the proper x-rays and CT Scan. He figured out that I had an extra malformed vertebrae that was pressing on my nerve, preventing me from receiving the feeling of needing to evacuate my bowels. His knowledge, expertise and true care and concern for each and every patient, is something you almost never see anymore. I am so incredibly grateful for EVERYTHING he has done for me!

    If you are looking for a chiropractic doctor that will be the answer to your prayers, look no further than to, Dr Bob Cortesi!!!! He truly is the BEST!!!! 5 🌟

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  • I have been going to Dr. Bob Cortesi for well over 20 years. He is not just a chiropractor, he is much much more than that. He knows more about the human anatomy than any doctor I have ever been to, both mental and physical. He is kind, caring and compassionate. Basically everyone in my immediate family has been to him. He takes the time to listen to your concerns. There is no rushing things when it comes to your health. He has helped me over come a list of ailments. Being a former construction worker I’ve had my fair share of injuries. Dr. Bob has helped me with all of them. There is no doctor on this earth I trust more than this man.
    And one other thing, you will walk out of his office a smarter person than when you walked in, he is that knowledgeable and shares his knowledge with you.

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  • Dr Bob is by far the best Chiropractor I have ever seen. I've had an ongoing back and knee problem for several years. I've been to several other chiropractors in Frankfort and Dr. Bob is the only one who took the time to really find out what was causing my pain. I consider him to be a huge blessing in my life. He took me from barely walking to walking at a fast pace with no pain at all. He really cares, he asks a lot of questions and figured out the best way to treat me. Dr Bob is dedicated to his field and goes above and beyond for his patients. He's phenomenal!!!

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